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Housing Arkansas is working hard to help meet the housing needs of Arkansans:  every child deserves a safe place to call home; a place to call home offers seniors an opportunity to live and grow with independence and dignity; our veterans should have access to safe, affordable housing; and all hardworking Arkansans should be able to afford a home and still have enough money for groceries and child care.


Housing Arkansas formed in 2008. Our purpose is to speak for a permanent, dedicated source of revenue for the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund.  Then Governor Mike Beebe signed SB 396, on March 30, 2009, creating the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund - Act 661 of 2009.  


Additionally, the Arkansas Legislature provided $500,000 to the Trust Fund in 2013; and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority Board of Directors awarded the $500,000 in February, 2015.


This funding was an important step forward in the campaign to secure a permanent, dedicated source of revenue; it was the first investment of state funds since the Housing Trust Fund was established.


Housing Arkansas continues to work with our Legislators in the interim between Regular Sessions; the next Regular Session will be in 2019.  We know additional work remains to be done; your support is needed, more than ever, as the campaign continues to advocate for securing a permanent, dedicated source of revenue for the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund. 




The Arkansas Housing Trust Fund.  Making it real:  A place to call home.

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