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About the AHTF

Then Governor Mike Beebe signed SB 396, in March 2009, creating the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund (Act 661 of 2009).  While the fund has been established, seeking a dedicated source of revenue from the General Assembly remains a key goal of Housing Arkansas, community advocates and those who support affordable, safe places to live for some of our most vulnerable like children, seniors, veterans and the disabled.

The Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) serves as the trustee.  A Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee works with ADFA staff.  The first RFP for Pilot Funding has been issued and initial programs approved.  Compliance issues and other funding priorities are submitted to the ADFA Board for final approval on all fund matters.  The Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee is comprised of members selected by the Governor, Speaker of the House and Senate President pro tempore.  Each member serves a four year term.  The committee members include representatives from the financial industry, real estate, economic development, affordable housing developers and a beneficiary of rental or homeownership assistance.  Committee members additionally include advocates who represent the following interests:  public housing, special needs (disabled, domestic violence, or seniors), homeless, rural and consumer housing.

To further advocate for resources to address our state's housing needs, more than 100 affordable housing advocates in the private, governmental and not-for-profit sectors formed Housing Arkansas in 2008.  Housing Arkansas's purpose includes speaking about and acting on the need for safe, decent and affordable housing for low income Arkansans through the funding of a state housing trust fund. The first housing trust funds in the nation were established in 1970; now, more than 46 years later, there are 47 states with state housing trust funds for a total of 58 funds, and most have a dedicated, sustainable source of revenue. (State Housing Trust Funds)  The Arkansas Housing Trust Fund needs this same dedicated source of revenue set aside to address affordable housing needs in our state.

The Arkansas Housing Trust Fund.  Making it real:  A place to call home.